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[Recommended products] Broadband Flexible・BFAP

Broadband Flexible・BFAP

 [ This special ultrasonic flexible array probe ] is available for detecting of subsurface defects.
 This special prove is detecting for parts which are impossible detection and measurement so far, such as 「curved surface」「crevice surface」 and 「unevenness surface」.
 Broad band high sensitive ultrasonic inspection is realized, As a result, it is applied for detection of subsurface defects, adjacent defects, and ultrasonic high attenuated material: carbon fiber reinforced plastic(CFRP), glass fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP), aluminum die cast and welded parts and so on.

 ■ subject

 Composite materials(CFRP, GFRP and so on), metal ・resin
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[ Using technologies ]  Construction of flexible probe for surface defects

 Broadband Flexible・BFAP

 [Special flexible array probe] has three layers construction of a matching layer, an element, a dumper.
 They are Japan Probe’s originality, we realized high sensitivity by using special film as a matching layer.
 And also we developed the damper material and composite elements by ourselves. The damper absorbs immediately ultrasonic wave by transmitter, and the short pulse so called “broad band wave” is obtained.
 This technology made possible “ flexible, high sensitive broad band wave”.
 In developing the damper material, we tried various kinds material combination such as resins, it took much time. When the broad band wave decreases the sensitivity, the sensitivity increases, the result becomes narrow band, to break this problem, our engineers tried repeatedly many materials in combination. AS the result, we finally succeeded to find the optimum condition

 ※Registered utility model patent No is 3191253.


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