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[Recommended products] 1micrometer band wavelength tunable laser


 Though it is the budget prices tunable laser which can be used easily, it has the engine performance with the characteristic which can be used for research and development. It is the 1-micrometer band tunable laser in which the wave-length variable of 100 nm or more in a large area is possible, and application in various fields is considered and it excels in wavelength stability / optical power stability / Narrow spectrum linewidth / low noise.
 It can open the use wave-length band of optical communication in the future or not only can use now for various sensing, the analysis field, etc. because a wavelength variable became possible by a 1000-1100nm broadband, but it is a product which can perform a backer of optical part development of a 1-micrometer band or various research and development.

[ Using technologies ]  Optimized external resonator structure technology

 In order to secure the total performance, external resonator structure is considered as the compactest possible design, The feature is given to the selection mechanism of wave length by using the optical membrane filter of our company, and all are performed at the in-company process about the portion which determines performance, such as coating the optical thin film optimized in the company also to various optical components used for an inside.


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