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[Recommended products] Movable type small power generation system



 Now that we have been concerned about environmental issues such as the depletion of oil resources and global warming with CO2 on a global scale, new generation system is essential. This Portable small Electric Generation System enables us to utilize unused/waste energy and generate electricity. When hot water and water are poured into the system, it can generate electricity very easily.
 When the system is supplied with the volume of flow, 50 L/min of hot water with 75 to 100 deg. Celsius and of cold water with 5 to 25 deg. Celsius, if the temperature difference between the hot and the cold water is 70 deg. or more, it can generate electric power with about 3kW.
 The flow quantity of 50L a minute is equivalent to the quantity that opens a faucet of the tap water fully. Would you like to take advantage of waste heat that we have ever disposed of and generate electricity?

[ Using technologies ]  Organic Rankine cycle

 This power generation system uses the same mechanism as the Rankine-cycle system used for thermal power generation etc.
 In thermal power generation, the heat of the boiler with 600 ℃ is used. In the high temperature range above 100 deg. Cerusius, water transits to the steam. The turbine is turned by the power of steam after water carries out a phase transition to steam, and the electricity has been generated.
 However, in the low temperature range below 100 deg. Cerusius, even if hot water (75 - 95 deg. Cerusius) is given to Small Electric Generation System, phase transiton cannot occur from water to steam. This system cannot generate electricity. For this reason, the low boiling point medium with the temperature 75-95 deg. Cerusius is used, the turbine is turned by the vapour power of this low boiling point medium, and the electricity is generated.


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