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Kanagawa Prefecture has launched the “Aerospace Project in KANAGAWA” to boost the business development of small and medium sized enterprises in the prefecture who have the enthusiasm for the participation of global aerospace industry.

This website was established in 2011 for the first time, and in 2012 we revised and augmented with the aim of proactively inspiring aerospace market channels, business matching opportunities and order transactions by extensively introducing the cutting edge technology, quality and competence of the participant companies in this project.

We would like you to visit our website and search by company name, strength, key word and business category.

The participants are companies specialized in various spheres such as metal processing, precision processing, composite material processing, heat treatment, electrical technology, machinery technology, measurement & inspection, software, system engineering, machinery equipment, design, R & D, and including firms that have already been certified for entry to the aerospace related industry. 


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